Site Acquisition and Entitlements

Our team of site acquisition experts are well versed in resolving complex landlord negotiations, processing master lease agreements, securing land use entitlements, and communicating with neighborhood associations and governmental bodies to ensure the timely delivery of all necessary permits.  We recognize every site is individual and unique.  The McKinley team of experts have the experience and knowledge to address any challenge associated with leasing, zoning and permitting requirements throughout the United States.

Architectural and Engineering Design

The McKinley team works closely with a select group of experienced architects and engineers with a proven track record of providing best-in-class design drawings, such as: land surveys, structural analyses, photo simulations, construction drawings, mapping and geotechnical reports.  Our goal is to consistently deliver a high-quality product at competitive prices to assure project timelines are met and exceeded.

Construction Services

Our team of highly experienced crews provide general construction and maintenance services for wireless telecommunications facilities including cell tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation and emergency maintenance resolution services.  Our crews are committed to the importance of on-the-job safety as well as continued educational safety practices that ensure the highest levels of safety, reliability, and quality.